Healthcare ExperienceEBA’s breadth of experience in healthcare facilities design includes programming, comprehensive medical campus master planning, freestanding clinic planning and design, and planning for additions and hospital renovations. Having completed projects for virtually all medical facility types and departments including inpatient nursing units, radiology, emergency, surgery, sterile processing, clinical laboratories, outpatient clinics, behavioral health and residential care, EBA team members are well-versed in the complexities of these facilities that require the detailed coordination of systems and technology.

Planning Experience – Our approach to planning incorporates an integrated process based on data analytics and forecasting, consideration of facility strategic plans, facility assessments and surveys, and stakeholder input. An assessment of market and client-specific factors is the foundation of our planning and programming approach.

Facility Conditions Assessments – The FCA process includes a complete assessment of every building and monument located at each facility or cemetery. Assessments include observation and evaluation of the structural integrity, physical/architectural conditions, mechanical systems, electrical systems, vertical transportation systems, plumbing systems, environmental systems (hazmat), barrier free conditions, life safety conditions, physical security conditions (mission critical) and civil and site conditions (traffic and parking).

Programming Experience – Programming begins with the integration of strategic planning to determine the facility’s mission and vision; additional data may be extracted from existing workload and demand analysis. Requirements are established via user surveys and interviews as well as identification of industry benchmarks and pre-existing design criteria, if applicable.

Design Experience – Our experience with conceptual design and design development are cornerstones of our overall project developments. Whether for schematic, conceptual, master planning, or bridging documents, EBA has the skill sets to develop the complete design package. Our design strategy is prescribed to fit each project for maximum value and quality by integrating the users and stakeholders in a collaborative partnering relationship.

Space Utilization Studies – During the studies we analyze existing space, assess space requirements for existing programs, services, and administrative spaces, to develop planning options that will contribute to improve functions and better organize and project space utilization. Major tasks include site planning analysis, conditions assessments, use analysis, spatial relationship, phasing, and cost projections.

Construction ServicesEBA provides administrative, management and related services required during construction in order to coordinate the work of the contractors, the project team and the owner. We provide personnel to ensure completion of the project in accordance with the client’s principal objectives of time, quality and cost

Program and Project Management – A major component of our success is experience, organization, and project management. From there, we develop strategies that relate to: travel, scheduling, regional groupings, workload and labor requirements.

Value Engineering (VE) – Our VE services involve interaction with the designers, users, and the VE team; the workshops contain a series of daylong sessions and include several types of analyses. The goals of the value enhancement workshops include; seeking the best value opportunities, considering methods to limit cost overruns, addressing political impacts, ensuring an “on budget” process.

Quality Management Approach – The Quality Management Plan is a standard series of multidisciplinary checklists that are utilized for second-party quality control reviews that occur prior to all milestone submissions. The underlying goal of EBA’s quality assurance framework is to meet or exceed the expectations of our valued customers on every task and project.